::   2013 Blue and Gold Invitational -- Live Results   ::



 Delta Timing Group - Contractor License 
                 Notre Dame Track and Field - 12/6/2013                 
                     2013 Blue & Gold Invitational                      
                         Loftus Sports Complex                          
Event 30  Women Shot Put
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals
  1 Morris, Emily                Notre Dame            15.24m     15.26m
      14.27m  14.15m  15.26m  ND  14.61m  14.38m                        
  2 Jackson, Indie               Notre Dame            13.25m     13.31m
      11.82m  FOUL  11.15m  12.01m  12.53m  13.31m                      
  3 Madison, Lena                Notre Dame            12.42m     13.11m
      12.85m  12.92m  13.11m  ND  ND  12.98m                            
  4 Durrah, Jazmyne              DePaul                13.54m     13.07m
      13.07m  12.33m  12.55m  11.73m  12.72m  12.52m                    
  5 Green, Cinnamin              Bethel (Ind.)         13.30m     12.93m
      12.19m  FOUL  ND  12.03m  ND  12.93m                              
  6 Bell, Arianne                Bethel (Ind.)         12.16m     12.48m
      12.48m  FOUL  11.70m  FOUL  ND  FOUL                              
  7 Chappell, Sarah              DePaul                12.11m     12.38m
      12.09m  11.60m  12.30m  11.64m  12.14m  12.38m                    
  8 Franz, Corrine               DePaul                           12.22m
      10.50m  11.22m  12.12m  11.58m  10.93m  12.22m                    
  9 Bussing, Ashley              Detroit Mercy         12.00m     11.36m
      FOUL  11.33m  11.15m  11.36m  PASS  PASS                          
 10 Berlin, Lauren               Detroit Mercy         12.02m     11.33m
      10.76m  10.63m  11.33m  11.09m  PASS  PASS