::   2013 Blue and Gold Invitational -- Live Results   ::



 Delta Timing Group - Contractor License 
                 Notre Dame Track and Field - 12/6/2013                 
                     2013 Blue & Gold Invitational                      
                         Loftus Sports Complex                          
Event 29  Men Weight Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals
  1 Stumph, Jordan               Notre Dame            18.29m     17.89m
      17.41m  17.20m  ND  16.92m  17.18m  17.89m                        
  2 Ponce, Michael               Bethel (Ind.)         16.93m     16.70m
      16.70m  16.40m  16.06m  16.43m  ND  FOUL                          
  3 Padovano, Dominick           Notre Dame            16.18m     16.41m
      15.21m  16.14m  16.41m  15.75m  15.94m  16.01m                    
  4 Kovacs, Adam                 DePaul                16.11m     16.27m
      15.97m  ND  15.18m  16.07m  16.27m  16.27m                        
  5 Hauser, Nick                 Notre Dame            14.00m     15.66m
      15.66m  15.40m  ND  ND  ND  15.40m                                
  6 Vermaas, Sebastian           DePaul                           15.14m
      14.69m  15.01m  FOUL  15.14m  ND  14.70m                          
  7 Shivers, Anthony             Notre Dame            14.00m     14.61m
      ND  13.88m  14.48m  14.61m  ND  FOUL                              
  8 Rose, Robert                 Bethel (Ind.)         16.65m     14.54m
      FOUL  ND  FOUL  13.92m  14.54m  14.03m                            
  9 Kintyhtt, Trevor             DePaul                           12.13m
      12.13m  FOUL  ND  ND  FOUL  ND