::   2013 Blue and Gold Invitational -- Live Results   ::



 Delta Timing Group - Contractor License 
                 Notre Dame Track and Field - 12/6/2013                 
                     2013 Blue & Gold Invitational                      
                         Loftus Sports Complex                          
Event 25  Men Long Jump
 4 JUMPS NO FINALS                                                      
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals
  1 Mesidor, Keith               Notre Dame             7.53m      7.37m
      FOUL  FOUL  7.11m  7.37m                                          
  2 Renwick, Logan               Notre Dame             7.62m      7.05m
      7.05m  FOUL  7.01m  FOUL                                          
  3 Barnes, Carson               Notre Dame             6.63m      6.76m
      6.76m  6.70m  5.40m  6.75m                                        
  4 Midani, Kareem               DePaul                 6.34m      6.34m
      FOUL  6.28m  FOUL  6.34m                                          
  5 Tobin, Brett                 Marquette              6.35m     J6.34m
      6.13m  6.15m  6.34m  6.05m                                        
  6 Georgaklis, George           Notre Dame             6.65m      6.27m
      6.27m  6.16m  FOUL  6.09m                                         
  7 Kruis, Dylan                 Detroit Mercy                     5.68m
      5.59m  5.68m  FOUL  5.27m                                         
  8 Vasquez-Nevins, Dajarin      DePaul                            5.65m
      5.42m  5.65m  5.37m  FOUL                                         
  9 Sand, Zachary                Detroit Mercy                     5.60m
      5.27m  5.60m  FOUL  FOUL