::   2013 Blue and Gold Invitational -- Live Results   ::



 Delta Timing Group - Contractor License 
                 Notre Dame Track and Field - 12/6/2013                 
                     2013 Blue & Gold Invitational                      
                         Loftus Sports Complex                          
Event 24  Women Long Jump
 4 JUMPS NO FINALS                                                      
    Name                    Year School                  Seed     Finals
  1 Schuh, Carlye                Marquette              6.13m      6.06m
      6.06m  FOUL  FOUL  6.01m                                          
  2 Christian, Jessie            Notre Dame             5.87m      5.84m
      FOUL  5.84m  5.62m  5.57m                                         
  3 Kirksy, MaShayla             DePaul                 5.80m      5.58m
      5.19m  5.52m  5.38m  5.58m                                        
  4 Potts-Tyre, Aisha            Detroit Mercy          5.43m      5.42m
      FOUL  4.96m  5.05m  5.42m                                         
  5 Carson, Emily                Notre Dame             5.50m      5.35m
      5.35m  FOUL  5.33m  FOUL                                          
  6 Holden, Ashley               DePaul                 5.37m      5.27m
      4.98m  5.13m  5.22m  5.27m                                        
  7 Soule, Bri                   Detroit Mercy          5.17m      5.20m
      4.94m  5.20m  FOUL  FOUL                                          
  8 Wendelberger, Laura          Notre Dame             5.35m      5.17m
      FOUL  5.17m  FOUL  5.05m                                          
  9 Howard, Gabrielle            DePaul                 5.63m      5.16m
      FOUL  5.16m  4.97m  5.12m                                         
 10 DuBois, Mellissa             Bethel (Ind.)          5.65m      5.12m
      5.06m  5.02m  4.47m  5.12m                                        
 11 Pashibin, Tatyana            Marquette              5.28m      5.06m
      4.93m  4.83m  4.70m  5.06m                                        
 12 Rogers, Whitney              Detroit Mercy          5.11m      5.05m
      4.80m  4.82m  5.05m  FOUL                                         
 13 Zauner, Kayla                Detroit Mercy          5.18m      5.02m
      4.74m  5.02m  4.97m  4.95m                                        
 14 Anderson, Paige              Detroit Mercy                     4.98m
      4.64m  4.78m  4.39m  4.98m