::   2013 Florida Relays -- Live Results   ::



 Delta Timing Group - Contractor License                4/6/2013 - 7:36 PM
                2013 Florida Relays - 4/4/2013 to 4/6/2013                
                  University of Florida: Gainesville,Fl                   
Event 81  Women Discus Throw University
 Min Mark: 40.0                                                           
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Taja Moore                SO Indiana                 51.83m     170-00
      50.61m  48.30m  47.48m  51.83m  FOUL  FOUL                          
  2 Jaleesa Williams          JR VCU                     49.40m     162-01
      48.00m  FOUL  49.40m  48.67m  47.80m  47.58m                        
  3 Reta Woodard              JR Embry-Riddle            46.32m     152-00
      42.85m  40.95m  46.32m  41.71m  44.03m  FOUL                        
  4 Precious Ogunleye         SO UCF                     46.03m     151-00
      46.03m  43.94m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                              
  5 Clarissa Perkins          SO UNC-Wilmington          45.90m     150-07
      42.02m  45.37m  45.90m  43.27m  42.48m  44.85m                      
  6 Satrina Oliveira          JR Western Kentucky        45.86m     150-05
      44.87m  45.86m  45.61m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                            
  7 Cassie Wertman            FR Tennessee               45.82m     150-04
      FOUL  45.82m  FOUL  43.19m  45.44m  44.13m                          
  8 Katrina Wright            JR Charlotte               45.30m     148-07
      40.05m  45.30m  FOUL  FOUL  42.80m  FOUL                            
  9 Sasha-Ann Lebert          SO Florida A&M             45.12m     148-00
      45.12m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                
 10 Daisy Whitaker            JR Charleston Southern     44.74m     146-09
      41.59m  FOUL  44.74m                                                
 11 Jessica Williams          JR VCU                     43.89m     144-00
      43.89m  ND  41.23m                                                  
 12 Jessica Ramsey            JR Western Kentucky        43.51m     142-09
      ND  43.29m  43.51m                                                  
 13 Manuela Burtsher          SO Florida                 43.48m     142-08
      41.18m  43.48m  FOUL                                                
 14 Shermaine Pinkard         FR Kennesaw State          43.21m     141-09
      43.21m  42.18m  FOUL                                                
 15 Sarah Howard              FR North Carolina          42.97m     141-00
      41.14m  42.73m  42.97m                                              
 16 Kiara Howell              FR Norfolk State           42.50m     139-05
      42.50m  FOUL  40.99m                                                
 17 Kaysee Sullivan           SO South Carolina          42.27m     138-08
      FOUL  FOUL  42.27m                                                  
 18 Taylor Torres             JR Baylor                  42.17m     138-04
      42.17m  ND  FOUL                                                    
 19 Kree Clark                FR Jacksonville            41.28m     135-05
      41.28m  FOUL  40.99m                                                
 20 Michelle Wallerstedt      FR George Mason            40.95m     134-04
      FOUL  40.95m  FOUL                                                  
 -- Shant'e White                Buffalo                     ND           
      ND  ND  ND                                                          
 -- Hana Sladick                 Unattached                FOUL           
      FOUL  ND  FOUL                                                      
 -- BreeAnne Campbell         SO Florida State             FOUL           
      ND  ND  FOUL