::   2013 Florida Relays -- Live Results   ::



 Delta Timing Group - Contractor License                       4/6/2013 - 7:36 PM
                   2013 Florida Relays - 4/4/2013 to 4/6/2013                    
                      University of Florida: Gainesville,Fl                      
Event 42  Men Discus Throw University
 Min Mark: 45.0m                                                                 
 Relays Records: Bradley Cooper (Athletic Attic) 217-2 - 1982                    
 Track Records: Bradley Cooper (Athletic Attic) 217-2 - 1982                     
      Relays: R 66.19m  1982        Bradley Cooper (217-2), Athletic Attic       
       Track: T 66.19m  1982        Bradley Cooper (217-2), Athletic Attic       
    Name                    Year School                  Finals            Points
  1 Ashinia Miller            FR Georgia                 54.33m     178-03       
      51.99m  52.13m  FOUL  50.22m  54.33m  FOUL                                 
  2 Dontrevious Ousley        FR North Carolina          52.71m     172-11       
      47.85m  FOUL  50.24m  FOUL  52.71m  FOUL                                   
  3 AJ Hicks                  SO North Carolina          52.28m     171-06       
      51.38m  52.28m  48.19m  47.11m  48.79m  51.73m                             
  4 Frank Afriyie             SR VCU                     50.69m     166-04       
      47.55m  48.67m  48.90m  48.45m  FOUL  50.69m                               
  5 Isaiah Simmons            FR Miami                   50.63m     166-01       
      FOUL  FOUL  49.71m  FOUL  50.63m  FOUL                                     
  6 Nick Vena                 SO Georgia                 50.07m     164-03       
      50.07m  ND  47.87m  45.08m  47.88m  FOUL                                   
  7 Brandon Ruffin            SO VCU                     49.74m     163-02       
      FOUL  47.03m  47.73m  49.74m  ND  47.06m                                   
  8 Mark Britton              SO Winthrop                48.98m     160-08       
      48.02m  48.54m  48.98m  FOUL  47.88m  47.85m                               
  9 Kyle Barbour              SR UNC-Wilmington          48.13m     157-11       
      48.13m  45.93m  FOUL  FOUL  45.00m  45.40m                                 
 10 Michael Montero           SO Florida Int'l           47.30m     155-02       
      46.24m  FOUL  47.30m                                                       
 11 Stargell Williams         JR Florida State           46.47m     152-05       
      46.47m  ND  45.06m                                                         
 12 Eric Griffin              SR UNC-Wilmington          45.56m     149-06       
      45.56m  45.23m  45.20m                                                     
 13 Chris Lickfield           JR Florida Int'l           45.10m     147-11       
      45.09m  FOUL  45.10m                                                       
 -- Travis Gerding            SO Western Kentucky          FOUL                  
      ND  FOUL  FOUL                                                             
 -- Leighton Davis               Unattached                FOUL                  
      ND  ND  FOUL                                                               
 -- Branden Coverley             Gold Rush                 FOUL                  
      ND  FOUL  ND                                                               
 -- Matt Thompson             SO Winthrop                  FOUL                  
      FOUL  ND  FOUL                                                             
 -- Jakeb Elliott             JR Winthrop                  FOUL                  
      ND  FOUL  ND                                                               
 -- Robert Harvey             JR Kennesaw State            FOUL                  
      ND  FOUL  FOUL                                                             
 -- Kirk Nguyen               JR George Mason              FOUL                  
      ND  FOUL  FOUL                                                             
 -- Xavier Mackey             SO Florida A&M               FOUL                  
      FOUL  ND  ND                                                               
 -- Justin Smith              SR Radford                   FOUL                  
      ND  FOUL  FOUL                                                             
 -- Ryan Coles                SO VCU                       FOUL                  
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                                                           
 -- Ian Copeland              JR Norfolk State             FOUL                  
      FOUL  ND  FOUL                                                             
 -- Petr Novotny              SR Georgia                    DNS