::   2012 Meyo Invitational -- Live Results   ::



 Delta Timing Group - Contractor License 
           Meyo Invitational - 2/3/2012 to 2/4/2012            
                     Loftus Sports Center                      
Event 35  Men Shot Put
 Top 9 to Finals                                               
 Minimum 14.75m                                                
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Collingwood, Robert          Southern Miss.          17.51m
      16.65m  16.91m  ND  16.80m  17.51m  ND                   
  2 Babicz, Matt                 DePaul                  17.41m
      FOUL  17.41m  FOUL  ND  ND  ND                           
  3 Ysebaert, Andrew             Windsor ON              17.23m
      ND  16.50m  16.49m  16.84m  FOUL  17.23m                 
  4 Brock, Andrew                Notre Dame              16.80m
      15.40m  15.58m  16.66m  ND  16.80m  ND                   
  5 Engel, Jakob                 Purdue                  16.78m
      16.28m  16.77m  16.36m  ND  16.78m  ND                   
  6 Plummer, James               Rutgers                 16.44m
      15.69m  16.44m  ND  ND  15.87m  16.28m                   
  7 Gaumer, Justin               Michigan                16.04m
      15.43m  ND  15.75m  ND  ND  16.04m                       
  8 Hills, Andrew                Notre Dame              16.01m
      15.70m  FOUL  FOUL  15.93m  16.01m  15.92m               
  9 Romero, Donald               Eastern Illinois        15.58m
      15.54m  15.48m  15.07m  15.10m  15.58m  ND               
 10 Smith, Curt                  Ohio State              15.45m
      15.45m  ND  ND                                           
 11 Sammons, Chase               Tulsa                   15.06m
      15.06m  ND  ND                                           
 12 Fields, Chris                Indiana State           14.70m
      14.70m  ND  ND                                           
 13 Kent, Isiah                  Kentucky                14.58m
      ND  14.58m  FOUL                                         
 14 Vogt, Dylan                  Ohio State              14.04m
      14.04m  ND  ND                                           
 15 Babicz, Anthony              DePaul                  13.42m
      ND  ND  13.42m                                           
 16 Holmes, Robert               Chicago State           12.67m
      ND  12.67m  FOUL                                         
 17 Glasnow, Ted                 Notre Dame              12.45m
      12.45m  ND  ND                                           
 18 Johnson, Todd                St. Louis U.            12.25m
      ND  ND  12.25m                                           
 19 Sementelli, Alex             Tulsa                   10.88m
      10.88m  FOUL  FOUL                                       
 20 Taylor, Kolton               Tulsa                   10.78m
      FOUL  10.78m  FOUL