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                              2009 KANSAS RELAYS                               
       Memorial Stadium - University of Kansas  - 4/15/2009 to 4/18/2009       
Event 70  Girls Triple Jump High School
   KU Relays: M 38-10.50  1994        Deidre Fortman, Park Hill, KS            
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind          
  1 Julia Zeiner              JR Marion                  11.57m   NWI  37-11.50
     11.52m(NWI) 11.54m(NWI) 11.57m(NWI) 11.01m(NWI) 10.62m(NWI) 10.96m(NWI)   
  2 Courtney Reinke           SR Olathe-East             11.53m   NWI  37-10.00
     FOUL      10.55m(NWI) 11.20m(NWI) 10.96m(NWI) 11.16m(NWI) 11.53m(NWI)     
  3 Sarah Buschmann           JR OP-Blue Valley West     11.52m   NWI  37-09.50
     10.89m(NWI) 11.06m(NWI) 11.08m(NWI) 10.99m(NWI) 11.33m(NWI) 11.52m(NWI)   
  4 Ashley Reid               SR Olathe-East             11.45m   NWI  37-06.75
     FOUL      11.04m(NWI) 10.80m(NWI) 10.77m(NWI) 11.21m(NWI) 11.45m(NWI)     
  5 Alyssa Kelly              FR OP-Blue Valley West     11.36m   NWI  37-03.25
     11.36m(NWI) 11.21m(NWI) 10.95m(NWI) 10.26m(NWI) 10.77m(NWI) FOUL          
  6 Tanya Friesen             SR Buhler                  11.30m   NWI  37-01.00
     10.72m(NWI) 11.14m(NWI) 10.73m(NWI) 10.89m(NWI) 10.97m(NWI) 11.30m(NWI)   
  7 Cierra Ceazer             SO Shawnee Heights         11.15m   NWI  36-07.00
     10.97m(NWI) 10.90m(NWI) 11.15m(NWI) 10.89m(NWI) 11.03m(NWI) 10.90m(NWI)   
  7 Syndey Peavy              JR Pembroke Hill           11.15m   NWI  36-07.00
     10.60m(NWI) 10.68m(NWI) 11.15m(NWI) 10.84m(NWI) 10.65m(NWI) 10.80m(NWI)   
  9 Arien Cox                 SR Salina Central          10.96m   NWI  35-11.50
     10.11m(NWI) 10.64m(NWI) 10.96m(NWI) 10.64m(NWI) 10.51m(NWI) 10.77m(NWI)   
 10 Jamillah Bonner           SO Wichita-Southeast       10.81m   NWI  35-05.75
     10.53m(NWI) 10.59m(NWI) 10.81m(NWI)                                       
 11 Rachel Wilson             SR Riverton                10.80m   NWI  35-05.25
     FOUL      10.69m(NWI) 10.80m(NWI)                                         
 12 Kendra Reed               SR Great Bend              10.75m   NWI  35-03.25
     10.75m(NWI) 10.75m(NWI) 10.20m(NWI)                                       
 12 Aerial Smith              SO Stilwell-Blue Va        10.75m   NWI  35-03.25
     10.75m(NWI) 10.02m(NWI) ND(NWI)                                           
 14 Ashley Taylor             JR Staley                  10.72m   NWI  35-02.00
     FOUL      10.72m(NWI) ND(NWI)                                             
 15 Chandrika Brewton         SR Platte County           10.69m   NWI  35-01.00
     10.18m(NWI) 10.36m(NWI) 10.69m(NWI)                                       
 16 Shayna Hauserman          SR Salina Central          10.62m   NWI  34-10.25
     10.32m(NWI) 10.53m(NWI) 10.62m(NWI)                                       
 17 Cathy Jenkins             SR McCluer                 10.56m   NWI  34-07.75
     10.52m(NWI) 10.35m(NWI) 10.56m(NWI)                                       
 18 Jillana Scanlan           JR Plattsmouth             10.49m   NWI  34-05.00
     FOUL      10.49m(NWI) 10.29m(NWI)                                         
 18 Ashli Dryden              JR Hays                    10.49m   NWI  34-05.00
     10.40m(NWI) 10.49m(NWI) 10.25m(NWI)                                       
 20 Naya Owusu                JR OP-Blue Valley N        10.47m   NWI  34-04.25
     10.06m(NWI) 10.19m(NWI) 10.47m(NWI)                                       
 21 Tina Liu                  SO Wichita-Independent     10.43m   NWI  34-02.75
     FOUL      10.42m(NWI) 10.43m(NWI)                                         
 22 Katie Bauer               SR Mill Valley             10.41m   NWI  34-02.00
     10.41m(NWI) 9.81m(NWI) 10.19m(NWI)                                        
 23 Mahogany Jones            SO Liberty                 10.34m   NWI  33-11.25
     10.34m(NWI) FOUL      ND(NWI)                                             
 23 Paige Rockers             SO Garnett-Anderson        10.34m   NWI  33-11.25
     9.82m(NWI) 10.34m(NWI) ND(NWI)                                            
 25 Tierra Andrews            SR Wichita-Heights         10.22m   NWI  33-06.50
     10.22m(NWI) 9.94m(NWI) 10.13m(NWI)                                        
 26 Brianna Latson            SO Notre Dame de Sion      10.19m   NWI  33-05.25
     FOUL      10.19m(NWI) 10.15m(NWI)                                         
 27 Sydney Vinson             JR Topeka                  10.13m   NWI  33-03.00
     10.12m(NWI) 10.13m(NWI) 9.99m(NWI)                                        
 27 Cathy Boos                SR Garden City             10.13m   NWI  33-03.00
     9.93m(NWI) 10.13m(NWI) FOUL                                               
 29 Chanel Maddox             SR Sumner Academy          10.07m   NWI  33-00.50
     9.80m(NWI) 10.07m(NWI) 9.75m(NWI)                                         
 30 Kayla Hannam              SO Olathe-East             10.01m   NWI  32-10.25
     ND(NWI) 10.01m(NWI) 10.00m(NWI)                                           
 31 Samara Oxendine           SR Leavenworth              9.76m   NWI  32-00.25
     FOUL      FOUL      9.76m(NWI)                                            
 -- Haleigh Tenpenny          SO Topeka-Seaman             FOUL                
     FOUL      FOUL      FOUL                                                  
 -- Sophie Shaull             SO Dodge City                FOUL                
     FOUL      FOUL      FOUL