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                            2009 KANSAS RELAYS                            
    Memorial Stadium - University of Kansas  - 4/15/2009 to 4/18/2009     
Event 28  Men Javelin Throw College
   KU Relays: M 258-02  2006        Scott Russell, Nike                   
 DI Regional: # 61.60m                                                    
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Scott Russell                Unattached              75.08m#    246-04
      72.86m  70.38m  75.08m  73.29m  FOUL  74.97m                        
  2 John Hetzendorf              Unattached              72.17m#    236-09
      67.40m  70.17m  66.51m  72.17m  70.72m  FOUL                        
  3 Brett Trudo               SO Wichita State           71.09m#    233-03
      64.31m  66.55m  67.26m  71.09m  67.09m  69.56m                      
  4 Trent Mazanec             SO Wichita State           66.83m#    219-03
      62.11m  66.57m  58.61m  66.83m  64.13m  66.08m                      
  5 Martins Pildavs           FR Cloud County CC         65.21m#    213-11
      65.21m  FOUL  FOUL  61.20m  FOUL  61.65m                            
  6 Tyler Drake               SO Hutchinson College      61.83m#    202-10
      59.45m  61.83m  60.25m  55.18m  FOUL  53.83m                        
  7 Cory Boulanger            FR Kansas State            61.80m#    202-09
      61.80m  58.14m  58.55m  61.57m  57.34m  59.61m                      
  8 Samek Connor              SO Unattached              61.55m     201-11
      61.55m  57.53m  58.64m  59.57m  FOUL  57.71m                        
  9 Dustin Wessbeck           FR Hutchinson College      59.41m     194-11
      55.50m  59.41m  FOUL  ND  54.25m  ND                                
 10 Mike Beeler               SO Pittsburg St.           59.21m     194-03
      59.21m  58.73m  58.53m  55.15m  58.01m  57.89m                      
 11 Chad Ammons               SR MidAmerica Nazarene     58.12m     190-08
      FOUL  58.12m  53.86m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL                              
 12 Adam Capps                SO Wichita State           57.86m     189-10
      57.16m  54.63m  57.86m                                              
 13 Calvin Hughes             FR Hutchinson College      57.38m     188-03
      57.38m  53.59m  54.01m                                              
 14 Adam Hoffman                 Kansas State            57.13m     187-05
      FOUL  57.13m  56.37m                                                
 15 Andy Baron                SO Southwestern            55.73m     182-10
      FOUL  55.73m  55.56m                                                
 16 Heath Groom               SR Missouri S&T            55.61m     182-05
      ND  55.61m  ND                                                      
 17 Casey Hainline            SO Neosho County CC        52.73m     173-00
      ND  ND  52.73m                                                      
 -- Tom Flynn                 SR Concordia-Moorhead          ND           
      ND  ND  ND                                                          
 -- Grant Till                JR Michigan                    ND           
      ND  ND  ND                                                          
 -- Johnathan Edwards         SR Kansas                    FOUL           
      FOUL  ND  FOUL                                                      
 -- Brady Jeffery             SO Fort Hays St.             FOUL           
      ND  ND  FOUL