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                              2009 KANSAS RELAYS                               
       Memorial Stadium - University of Kansas  - 4/15/2009 to 4/18/2009       
Event 17  Boys Long Jump High School
   KU Relays: M 24-09.25  1996        Melvin Lister, Leavenworth, KS           
    Name                    Year School                  Finals  Wind          
  1 Trace Norfleet            SO Park Hill                6.92m   NWI  22-08.50
     FOUL      FOUL      6.92m(NWI) FOUL      FOUL      6.36m(NWI)             
  2 Kelby Dias                SR Sierra                   6.79m   NWI  22-03.50
     6.79m(NWI) 6.59m(NWI) PASS      6.37m(NWI) 6.52m(NWI) 6.67m(NWI)          
  3 Clark Tanksley            JR McCluer                  6.78m   NWI  22-03.00
     6.63m(NWI) 6.78m(NWI) 6.70m(NWI) 6.58m(NWI) 6.48m(NWI) 6.45m(NWI)         
  4 Tyrice Cole               SR Lindbergh                6.71m   NWI  22-00.25
     6.71m(NWI) 6.43m(NWI) 6.68m(NWI) 6.53m(NWI) 6.38m(NWI) 6.66m(NWI)         
  5 Josh Scott                SR Park Hill South          6.56m   NWI  21-06.25
     6.22m(NWI) 6.56m(NWI) 6.48m(NWI) FOUL      6.50m(NWI) 6.46m(NWI)          
  6 LaRon Harley              SR Lee's Summit             6.43m   NWI  21-01.25
     6.30m(NWI) 6.43m(NWI) 6.26m(NWI) FOUL      FOUL      FOUL                 
  7 Tiras Bolton              SO Omaha Westside           6.39m   NWI  20-11.75
     6.39m(NWI) 6.39m(NWI) 6.27m(NWI)                                          
  8 Steven Mann               JR Mound City-Jayha         6.39m   NWI  20-11.75
     6.20m(NWI) 6.34m(NWI) 6.10m(NWI) 6.39m(NWI) 6.36m(NWI) 6.36m(NWI)         
  9 Hayden Groves             JR Olathe-East              6.32m   NWI  20-09.00
     6.26m(NWI) 6.32m(NWI) 6.32m(NWI) 6.18m(NWI) 6.05m(NWI) 5.96m(NWI)         
  9 Chris Kilgore             SR Poplar Bluff             6.32m   NWI  20-09.00
     6.32m(NWI) 6.02m(NWI) 6.20m(NWI)                                          
 11 Alex Reed                 SO Great Bend               6.30m   NWI  20-08.00
     6.30m(NWI) 6.08m(NWI) 6.00m(NWI)                                          
 12 Brett Gross               SR Wichita-Bishop C         6.29m   NWI  20-07.75
     6.29m(NWI) 6.11m(NWI) 6.22m(NWI)                                          
 13 Austin Fulson             SO Olathe-East              6.28m   NWI  20-07.25
     6.28m(NWI) 6.14m(NWI) 6.14m(NWI)                                          
 13 Grant Clary               JR Holland Hall School      6.28m   NWI  20-07.25
     FOUL      FOUL      6.28m(NWI)                                            
 15 Reggie Harris             SR Olathe-South             6.24m   NWI  20-05.75
     6.24m(NWI) 6.22m(NWI) 6.11m(NWI)                                          
 16 Greg Coble                JR Poplar Bluff             6.23m   NWI  20-05.25
     5.94m(NWI) 5.95m(NWI) 6.23m(NWI)                                          
 17 Jordan Smith              JR Loup City                6.21m   NWI  20-04.50
     ND(NWI) ND(NWI) 6.21m(NWI)                                                
 18 Dario Termini             SR Park Hill South          6.19m   NWI  20-03.75
     6.19m(NWI) 5.94m(NWI) 5.92m(NWI)                                          
 18 Jason Martin              JR Hickman Mills            6.19m   NWI  20-03.75
     FOUL      FOUL      6.19m(NWI)                                            
 20 Mark Stehno               JR Omaha Westside           6.17m   NWI  20-03.00
     6.17m(NWI) FOUL      FOUL                                                 
 21 Tracy Marshall            SR Hutchinson HS            6.16m   NWI  20-02.50
     FOUL      FOUL      6.16m(NWI)                                            
 22 Ty Zimmerman              SR Junction City            6.13m   NWI  20-01.50
     5.96m(NWI) 6.13m(NWI) 5.92m(NWI)                                          
 23 Roland Lacoste            SR Newton                   6.05m   NWI  19-10.25
     5.83m(NWI) 6.05m(NWI) 5.96m(NWI)                                          
 24 Dan Bonner                JR Lee's Summit North       5.99m   NWI  19-08.00
     ND(NWI) 5.99m(NWI) 5.83m(NWI)                                             
 25 Deontae Hayden            SR Wichita-Southeast        5.87m   NWI  19-03.25
     5.87m(NWI) PASS      PASS                                                 
 -- LaDerrick Richardson      JR Topeka-Highland           FOUL                
     ND(NWI) ND(NWI) FOUL                                                      
 -- Cas Spangler              SR Beloit                    FOUL                
     FOUL      ND(NWI) FOUL